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ProComplyNet is the only tool you need for compliance, risk mitigation, site and contractors control - all in one place.

ProComplyNet is changing the way hiring organizations, contractors and vendors work together, making the process Faster, Cheaper and Simpler.

Nowadays getting a contractor or vendor to comply to the hiring organization’s standards can take 4+ weeks.

This creates a big problem for everyone involved because the vetting process is too long and may cause project delays or even losing the desired contractor to another company.

Using other compliance programs may improve the process, but still requires a human to review the information, making the process slower, more expensive and complex.

Our advanced technology of AI reduces the need for a human to review the information, saving time, money and manpower.

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Allow access control to a work site using our Gatekeeper mobile application for contractors, vendors and site manager.


AI Powered compliance verification process that allows contractors and vendors to onboard to a project quickly and easily.

Hiring organizations can create and update compliance standards with an easy-to-use rules builder engine for all documents.


A large contractors and vendors network can be searched by any member organization of the software to improve the cooperation and mitigate safety, financial and legal risks.


Our state-of-the-art products


  • Wide network of contractors and vendors
  • Searchable network based on geography, trades, safety parameters and Name
  • Viewing financial, safety, insurance and legal information


  • AI powered compliance verification process
  • Compliance standard rules builder for hiring organizations
  • Reusable documents information for different standards for different hiring organizations
  • Automatic notifications (SMS/Email) for updates on the progress and verification success or failure


  • Mobile application that provide 2 sides of access control for both the contractor resource accessing to the site and the gate keeper to verify compliance of the contractor.
  • Support both Android and iOS devices.



Mr. Tanico

Chairman and Co-Founder

Mr. Itzhaky

CTO and Co-Founder


Mr. Trachtenberg

CEO & Co-Founder

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  • Email: Support@ProComplyNet.com

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